My work with Lady Rose has been a tremendous gift. Lady Rose speaks to me at the top of my intelligence and engages a multi-sensory experience, offering healing on all dimensions of my being. Her guidance streams in poetic metaphors, lush in word and visuals. She hits the mark, offering effortlessly, what I need to know, hear, understand and see. I grow from each of our sessions and the home-play exercises and suggested implementations have assisted me in in reaching new grounded awareness and heights of perspective. Our work has been influential in deepening my relationship to self and others as well as expansive to my work and vision as a fellow lightworker and visual artist. Lady Rose is a sister that I can call upon on the journey. I am grateful for our rich exchanges." --Elizabeth Traina, artist + lightworker


Thank you for connecting the dots across realms, generations, lifetimes, universes. Thank you for always seeing my truth when sometimes I'm sitting in the fog of my own manifestation. I am so grateful for you and the truth you live and share with the world. I'm so excited for this ever-evolving work we have together as sisters of the sacred. If you haven't experienced Lady Rose's light... you are in for a surprise." --Emily Mikaelah, founder of Helios + Selene


Rose's approach is unique. She is comfortable with the energy flowing through and around her. The relationship with the energies and guides she works with is respectful and gentle. I love her playful attitude as she explains everything in an easy on the ears kind of way.

I left feeling super relaxed, open and clear. The most amazing things started happening, that night and even days after. A prosperous, vital portal had opened up. To say the least, I was amazed. 

I highly recommend working with Rose. You will not be disappointed by the fresh, sweet, kind energy she upholds and summons." 

-- HariPrakaash, kundalini yoga teacher

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