private intuitive healing sessions serve those going through times of turbulence as well as anyone seeking deeper dimensions of self-knowledge. returning client relationships become a unique exploration of various modalities over time, most often on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. 

these sessions combine extensive experience serving with various modalities in NYC and with a global clientele, universal spiritual teachings, my own direct experiences of transcendence and miracles, in addition to my own body’s faculties to see, hear, feel and know your "higher self" and "energy bodies"... all this comes together to create something entirely new — an experience of spirit that we delight in together! 

i laugh a lot as Spirit speaks and move through me, i offer heartfelt blessings, and i walk beside you as your champion of goodness and growth, forgiveness, compassion, seeing self-development as a key factor in expanding and healing the world and being a truly globally-minded citizen. 

offerings are updated seasonally to reflect my personal and creative evolution as well as the new teachings I receive. if you don't see the session you desire listed below, please email me. I am happy to accommodate, or refer you to a friend/colleague who can. :)

sliding scale upon request. returning clients + referrals please email me to confirm rate. 




1HOUR, $222

Phone, Skype, in-person (you come to me in Crown Heights, Brooklyn), Video or Audio Recording 

this is a verbal transmission and a conversational invitation to growth for your sovereign spirit. i create a sacred container that invites truth-telling, expansion and deep peace. it is advised to bring specific questions, while trusting you will always receive the messages that are for your highest good. this is an expert, in-depth clairvoyant channeling session that invites self mastery, the empowerment of present moment awareness and practical action towards your self-development. the messages that come through are often vivid, sometimes silly and funny, and always illuminating, opening up new pathways of awareness and lifting perspectives on challenging issues. 




90MINS, $333

Phone, Skype or in-person (you come to me in Crown Heights, Brooklyn or I come to you for no additional charge)

a verbal transmission (teaching/insight with a vibrational frequency delivered through sound) with activations (deep infusions of energy & light delivered through touch). may include hands-on healing touch as well as light massage or brushing/shaking of the body. this is an EMBODIED READING that invites you to experience yourself as spirit and re-constellize your awareness as a multi-dimensional being. the intention here is to restore energy to your multi-dimensional body, encourage a wider breadth of movement and flow into your life and facilitate a deep mental and emotional understanding of the changes to be made as well as what is working in your favor. 

recommended especially for practicing healing artists, counselors, energy workers





approx 2 hours plus two 20min support calls, $555

in-person only

Give yourself the gift of bliss! This is a sovereign activation and mini-intensive for those seeking a deep invitation to grace.

We will use sacred movement, songs, affirmations and other temple arts to activate an experience of spirit and draw in blessings of transformation.

Includes two 30-min Support calls by phone: one orientation call in the days leading up to your your session to connect about your intentions and what to expect, and plus an integration call within the two weeks following to explore and clarify the information that arose during your experience.

(If you are seeking an ongoing guide or teacher, this is a good place to start.)


additional services upon request :

  • the violet flame activationtarot readings, customized reiki + distance healings
  • full moon/new moon/goddess ceremonies
  • mentoring for teens + children
  • private lessons and healing arts training
  • ritual design + wedding officiant