WELCOME to an experience of yourself as SPIRIT!

private intuitive healing sessions offer messages of guidance as well as hands-on and distance energy healing. they serve those going through times of turbulence as well as anyone seeking deeper dimensions of self-knowledge. returning client relationships become a unique exploration of various modalities over time, most often on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. 

my clients are: creatives, healing artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders across various industries, from film, fashion and beauty to advertising and design. they are powerful, visionary people seeking to build new paradigms for themselves and everyone on this planet. they are seeking unity, grace and growth within themselves so they may serve as beacons of light throughout the planet. is this you? 

these sessions combine extensive experience serving with various modalities in NYC and with a global clientele, universal spiritual teachings, my own direct experiences of transcendence and miracles, in addition to my own body’s faculties to see, hear, feel and know your "higher self" and "energy bodies"... all this comes together to create something entirely new — an experience of spirit that we delight in together! 

i laugh a lot as Spirit speaks and move through me, i offer heartfelt blessings, and i walk beside you as your champion of goodness and growth, forgiveness, compassion, seeing self-development as a key factor in expanding and healing the world and being a truly globally-minded citizen. 

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