Note: This is a guide for Sessions only. For Activations you will receive a separate Orientation Sheet upon booking. 


In a session I create a scared space in which we both share and delight in the presence of Spirit. Expect to open up and engage in an honest dialogue dedicated to learning what is needed for you to come into balance with all living things, align with your loving nature, and realize your truest desires in tandem with your destiny and divine assignments.

Please bring: a list of questions and/or intentions to our appointment, and an object of significance if we are meeting in person. (See details below.) You may also like to bring a notepad and pen. If we're doing a reading I can record the transmission and send to you as an audio file, or you can record it on your phone. I will usually ask for your full birth name, any nicknames and birthdate. 

My approach is warm, playful, expressive, heartfelt, self-aware and embraces all aspects of the Great Mystery. It is an ecstatic experience for me to act as transmitter and receiver of spirit, translator of the messages that come through, and facilitator of any activities or healings/cleansings that are needed. I also provide practical lessons in self-care and expertise/personal experience with meditation, yoga, and various self-healing arts modalities and mystic traditions.

As a clairvoyant I see truth as symbolic images and narratives that reveal past life histories as well as current challenges in a playful and all-encompassing way. As a clairsentient I receive information through the body that guides energy in a specific way to bring grounding, cleansing, and balance to your energy systems.

I am primarily an oracle in both senses of the word, in that I am a seer and knower and I speak verbal blessings and transmissions. Sound, song and sacred scents are also essential parts of any in-person experience. Sessions over Skype are magical in their own way and just as "effective". 

My secondary gifts are claircognizance which can reveal specific information such as herbs, crystals, animal medicines, ritual arts or schooling that may be helpful to you now.

Occasionally mediumship does occur if your concern revolves around a lost parent or family member or dear one, but it is not my primary focus. I also have felt senses and ask that you bring an object of significance as well as images of those you are asking about if we meet in person. (Optional)


In addition to readings I am now taking a more embodied approach to sessions, with offerings that extend beyond readings to include somatic practices, sacred movement, breath-based releasing work and other dynamic practices to release tension and experience ecstasy.

I also provide general intuitive counsel on various topics of expertise such as yoga, meditation, reiki, divination and am always happy to point you towards my favorite resources and friends in complimentary fields such as acupuncture. As a student my current interests are theosophy and esoteric Christianity. I am a fan of Marianne Williamson and A Course In Miracles.  

All energywork is subject to what you are willing and able to receive and your free will of what you are seeking to heal, release, or know in your life - meaning everyone's experience will be unique and it is best approached with a sincere intention for healing and an open heart and mind. 


Every session is so special and unique to each person. Love and Truth sometimes appears as bubbly joy and exuberance and other times as tough confronting and lifting of heavy emotions. Please keep an open mind and trust you will receive what is needed at the time. 

Try not to put any unnecessary pressure on yourself to have any certain kind of experience. Stay receptive and trust that spirit will give you what you need or lead you to what will. Some information is designed to respond to your needs in the moment and other times it may not make sense at first, but it is there so you have it stored for later; like if you were on a hiking trail and picked up a tool on your path, and then later found its function.


Intuitive healing invites multi-dimensional self-discovery which can reveal the root cause of a lingering fear, stress or anxiety, help to exploring pathways when debating options or at a crossroads, and sharpen your own sensory skills for illumination and awakening.

Examples of specific questions:

What can I do to support (goal/outcome desired) in my life?

How can I move forward for the greater good in (situation)? 

What may I know about (challenge/idea/potential pathway)?

What is the energy around (person) in relationship to me and what is the purpose of our (meeting/union/relationship)?

What is the highest potential for (relationship/project/situation)?

Are there tools I can use or techniques I can practice to bring about (goal)?

Examples of general healing intentions or requests: 

  • renewing and activating your inner radiance, energy, and prosperity
  • calling in sensual partnership and inviting more romance in your life
  • expanding and seeing into potentialities for a business idea or creative project
  • connecting and deepening your relationship to the divine and experience of infinity
  • finding clarity and support for a rite of passage, major change or transition

As we go I may ask you to talk through a certain line of questioning more, or I may ask you to pause and purposely withhold information so I can get a more objective picture. 


If we are meeting in person, it is helpful to bring a small item of significance such as a piece of jewelry, a keepsake, or a spiritual totem/ally such as a crystal. Ideally it would be something you have spent some time with. You may also like to bring photos that are meaningful to you, such as a self-portrait, a place that is special to you, or a photo of a significant others that you may like to ask about. Digital images are OK. 


Those clients who have the best experience and see the most dramatic transformation and benefit did the following things:
--took a proactive approach to their health and wellbeing and saw me in tandem wih a psychotherapist or life coach
--kept up with regular self care such as diet, exercise, meditation and sleep
--did not expect one session to cure a lifetime of problems
--practiced gratitude, patience, and compassion for themselves and the process
--explored with a playful and open mind
--took action based on the insights brought forward in each session
--followed up on the suggestions and resources provided
--circled back to the recording of the session, allowing details to unfold over time and making connections independently
--trusted that what didn't make sense at the time would reveal itself to be true later


Much of what occurs within the space of a session is beyond space and time and cannot be measured in linear terms. Please trust and know that I am working on you energetically as soon as a session is booked and what is revealed within the space of your session may not be literal but symbolic and intuitive in nature, and take weeks or months to unfold following your session. Practice patience and enjoy the process!