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photo by @_ashlynnphoto

photo by @_ashlynnphoto


Sovereign Activation Workshop

with Lady Rose





Limited to # of people

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The era of sovereignty beckons you to release chains of mind-control from your mind-body state-being and your feeling self. It is an Activation of Spirit and a Call to Awareness. It allows for a Greater Awareness as Self and Other: unity for all peoples, all nations, all viewpoints. Together we find commonality between and behind our Shared experiences and know Grace by tuning into the Frequency of LOVE within!

Join me for:

::: an activist circle -- How to use this Activation for the greater good in our communities?

::: a group Activation experience -- guided meditation, energywork and laying of hands with gentle blessings

::: communal altar, song and dance

I will break down what it means to be "Sovereign", what this era is asking for all of us as light-workers, healers, artists, musicians, and co-creators, and everyone will have the opportunity to participate through dynamic movement exercises, collaborative ritual and playful partner reflections.

This is a delightful dance, an explorative and playful path of spiritual cleansing and emotional/mental/physical activation. Join me for an enlivening experience of rejuvenation designed to ignite your SOUL-POWER! 

photo by @freshvrbs

photo by @freshvrbs

About Lady Rose....


Lady Rose is an earth activist, light-worker, sound-healer, dancer and oracular channel for angels, Ascended Masters and wisdom guides for this Earthly plane. She has been a professional healing artist based in NYC in 2013 with a global clientele. She has facilitated workshops throughout New York, as well as in San Francisco and Los Angeles. She has appeared in Teen Vogue, Nylon, Huffington Post and more as a trusted and influential voice of emerging consciousness studies. She has acted as intuitive advisor for event clients such as Hulu, Urban Outfitters, The Wild Unknown, 1Hotels Central Park, and more.


For free messages, access to a free weekly distance healing, and to learn more about her 1-on-1 clairvoyant offerings and 3-month coaching program for women, visit or find her on instagram @violetflamerose.