photo by ashley glynn

photo by ashley glynn

LADY ROSE is an artist + clairvoyant based in New York and Los Angeles. Her 1-on-1 sessions and group event experiences blend sacred arts and universal wisdom teachings to celebrate life and inspire hope, faith, and love during challenging times. 

Her visionary insights and dynamic experiences serve the growing population of spiritual seekers who wish to improve their lives and explore new dimensions of consciousness with playfulness and joy. 

Offerings are re-invented on a seasonal basis. FOLLOW @VIOLETFLAMEROSE or SIGN UP FOR MAILING LIST for updates + special messages!


"The most powerful experience at the hands of another I've ever had." --Kelly Morris, founder of Conquering Lion Yoga + the Infinity Call

"Rose is a gift to us, a highly intuitive messenger... she opened a portal of expansion for me and gently facilitated such beautiful healing." --Vanja Vukelic, artist aka Merakilabbe

"The meditation was amazing and insightful." --Jacob Moistner, Ludlow House 

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